Cara Nak Elak Jiran Sebelah Rumah Hack Wifi Korang

Sunday, 11 December 2011 2 comments

mesti x bestkn klau ada org guna free wifi korang.?
korang bayar mahal2.. tapi jiran sbelah slamber jer tompang..
kik3.. nie admin ajar cara untuk elak wifi korang dari d tompang..

korang follow step kat bwah nie erk :

1. Log-in to router using admin account (
Username: tmadmin
Password: tmadmin

2. Goto Wireless > Basic
a. Change the SSID to any prefered ID.
b. Save/Apply.

Using the default SSID by TM will let the whole world know that you are using a TM supplied wireless modem (eg. Riger DB108-WL) and hence easier for hackers to identify what modem you are using and try to exploit any known vulnerabilities.

3. Goto Wireless > Security
a. Change "Network Authentication" to WPA2-PSK.

b. Key in the "WPA Pre-Shared Key".
Use combination of alphabet, number and symbols for a good key as u would use for any password. (i.e 10wy@tdotn3t^_^ )
Remember this key as you will need to key-in on every wireless devices (laptop, handphone, etc.) trying to connect to this network.

Note: Older devices might not support WPA2. If this is the case, use WPA-PSK instead.

c. Select "AES" for the "WPA Encryption"

Save dah reboot PC anda.

4. Change the router login password for tmadmin and tmuser

a. Management > Access Control > Password
Change the password for tmadmin and tmuser.

Remember the password. You will need it when logging into the router page in future.

b. Save/Apply.

5. Finally "Save/Reboot"

 Selamat Mencuba!! Beringat Sebelum Anda Di Pergunakan

p/s : nie cara nk hack wifi :


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